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VOSS Water
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VOSS Plus™ (850ml/High Grade Plastic/12 Pack)
Beyond Hydration.
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(19 customer reviews)

Product Description

Introducing VOSS Plus™! Enhanced with Aquamin, which contains a blend of trace minerals and electrolytes sourced from the coastal seas of Iceland.

VOSS Plus™ is the first premium water to use Aquamin®, a plant-based multi-mineral complex. Unlike other mineral sources used in food, beverages and supplements, Aquamin® is derived from seaweed, which absorbs trace minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium from surrounding seawater. This form of absorption, coupled with Aquamin’s unique structure, produces a neutral tasting, mineral-rich ingredient.

To support the Company’s focus on sustainability, VOSS Plus™ was developed with the environment in mind. In addition to its sustainable formulation process, the VOSS Plus™ bottle features recyclable packaging — from its unique blue tinted bottle which is made with high-grade, BPA free 100 percent recycled PET plastic, to its food-grade recyclable plastic cap.

VOSS Plus™ is available in 850ml single bottles and 6-packs, and can be purchased in-store or online at select retailers nationwide.

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VOSS Reviews

  1. Best water I have ever had!!!!!

  2. Amazing

    Excellent- Best water I have tasted

    -Pat Nunley
  3. One of the best tasting!

    I am a water connoisseur and as you know Artesian Water is not the same as spring water,akaline water, and not the same purified water. Voss has always had good water but with this they raised the bar and this is one of the best out there and at the top of my list right now. If they could make this is smaller sizes that would be great. If you thought the still water was okay or just good try this because this is on a whole different level.

    -Ben B
  4. Boss water

    Very tasty

    -Kay Wright
  5. Boss water

    Best water I ever had

    -Kay Wright
  6. This water is great.

    -Savannah Haig
  7. I love all types of water, even the regular Voss, this plus is superior to everything. The least expensive price is Amazon. I drink at least 2 bottles daily , would like to increase my daily intake.

    Love this water, want to pour bottle after bottle down my throat

    -Jacinta Friend
  8. The best water I have ever drank. I am a front line water and VOSS company was kind and generous enough to donate cases upon cases of this water to my hospital. We all love this water very much. God bless you all, for making sure we were well hydrated, in the midst of it all. Thank you.

  9. Good taste

    Best taste water if you can make mini bottle for running.

  10. Good taste

  11. Best refreshments ever..

    -Pauline Buthelezi
  12. Most Hydrating water ever !!

    I’m not one to write reviews on water but I just had to with this new line of voss water
    Usually I drink a whole bottle of water and I’m still thirsty but with the new Voss Plus Water, One bottle lasts me all day and each sip is really hydrating ! 100% worth it I definitely will buy again

  13. Love Voss plus... the taste is amazing!

    Great water, love the taste and the refreshing feel it gives you upon drinking. Only wished they launched with a glass option as well.

    -Michael Bryant
  14. Yahhhhs

    It is so refreshing! And hydrating such a nice step up from the lovely classic!

    -Cesar Andalon
  15. Voss Plus

    As a water connoisseur, this is one of … it not the cleanest tasting waters I’ve had. Very enjoyable and love the hydrating quality of the added minerals.

    -Grant Roberts
  16. I love this water

  17. Corporate Director

    Best water I have ever had!!!

    -Chris Swinton
  18. Corporate Director

    best water I have ever!!!

    -Chris Swinton
  19. Love VOSS water

    -Kimberly Walton
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VOSS Water

VOSS Plus™ (850ml/High Grade Plastic/12 Pack)

Not Available Online
Beyond Hydration.
Not Available Online
(19 customer reviews)

NEW Enhanced Water that works harder for you. VOSS Plus™ is the first premium water that is enhanced with Aquamin®, which contains a blend of trace minerals and electrolytes sourced from the coastal seas of Iceland.


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High Grade PET


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