Still (375ml/Glass/12 Pack)
For The Ultimate Purist
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The VOSS source sits in Iveland, a sparsely populated area on the southern tip of Norway. Confined in an aquifer deep beneath the earth, VOSS water lies under layers of rock and sand, which create a natural filter, protecting it from the air and other pollutants.

At VOSS, we are proud of the quality of our products. VOSS Water from Norway meets all bottled water standards for quality and safety at the U.S. Federal, State, Norwegian and International levels. Our scientists and independent certified laboratories perform extensive tests on the water source and finished bottled water product to ensure we exceed or are compliant with all bottled water requirements.

*800ml available at select retailers, hotels and restaurants

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VOSS Reviews

  1. It's so Pure, I Have to have More!

    I have never tasted water so clean, so pure, so delicious. I was intrigued by the bottle and the name, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so good. The 16.9 oz. bottle was so smooth, so clear, so good, that it went right down. I love it! I have to get more, nobody will believe it, until they try it.

    -Joe Prete …Aka:cameraguy6781
  2. Outstanding Water

    I was amazed at the clarity, and also the taste of the minerals that came through every glass of Voss Still Water. can’t wait to try there other products.

    -Annie D’Arcy
  3. satisfied


  4. The best water money can buy

    I just tried this once and I cannot believe a company could come out with a crisp fresh water to buy until now! I am trusty amazed 😲 It tastes like you are drinking directly from a mountain stream. I now know why it is so popular and not to mention so chic! ❤️ I also reuse these bottles and put flowers in them!

    -Alyssa Braster
  5. The Best Ever

    I bought VOSS water to get the free speaker thinking it would be the okay water just like any other water brand. Little did i know that this water was purified by the GODS. I took my first sip and it’s like it took my on on a trip through heaven. Nothing can even come close to how heavenly and pure this water tastes. I can’t go back to normal water now i am addicted

  6. Clear Voss water

    Tried it , liked it, found it pure , smooth n sublime….flow some more!

    -Aj C
  7. Wow!

    I don’t usually like water but I have always wanted to try Voss. Finally brought the Cucumber Lemon sparkling water and loved like I knew I would!!

  8. Second to None!

    Ever since I first tasted Voss over 10 years ago, I haven’t drank any other brand of water! Because once you have tasted Voss, you’ve tasted the BEST, and there’s no going back! You will know the difference between good bottled water and Voss water and nothing else comes close. It’s like tasting the best cut of meat or flying first class, after you get the feel of the good stuff you get spoiled and tend to crave it. Lol I’d rather spend money on my case of Voss water than get my nails done for the month, if I had to choose between the two, that’s how amazingly pure and perfect this water is. 😉 It’s a way of life!

  9. Mr

    Voss still water is a very tasty water, the bottle is a sleek and stylish design plus it’s reusable, I’d highly recommend and I will be purchasing again.

    -Sam Colombari
  10. Best water!

    This is the best water for everything you do!! Its very clear and very tasty! Voss is sold in different kinds and is the best water in the world!!!

    -Cannon moore
  11. I want to help kids get their everyday water and by buying Voss water I can help

    -Adriel Garcia
  12. Best water!

    Absolutely the best water I’ve had, I’ve tried: Fiji, Core, Evian, Smartwater….amongst other normal brands as well (such as Dasani and Auquafina, etc) Voss has a very slight natural filtered taste, letting you know it’s clean, pure, and distinct but a very smooth finish. Highly recommended, best water around!

    -Hayes Clark
  13. The best water in bottles

  14. I must say I was skeptical at first. But, the water was in our hotel room so I decided to try it and I must admit it’s absolutely delicious. Who knew! I

  15. By far the best bottled water on the market.

    -Shelley Cummings
  16. My husband and I love VOSS Still. It is so pure that it tastes like super clean snow ❤

    -Jaylene Lander
  17. Excellent and smooth

    -Wendy carrera
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VOSS Water

Still (375ml/Glass/12 Pack)

In Stock
For The Ultimate Purist
In Stock
(17 customer reviews)

Bottled water purity is often determined by the level of minerals, or the “Total Dissolved Solids”, found in the water. Our TDS levels are extremely low compared to most bottled waters out there. This makes for a super clean, fresh taste— AKA exactly what you deserve.

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