Past Carbon Offset Initiatives

Through our past partnership with 3 Degrees, VOSS Water has Supported Carbon Offset Projects in various communities.

Denton Landfill Gas Project

The Denton Landfill Gas project consists of a 1.6 MW Caterpillar 3520 generator which uses methane gas from the Denton Landfill to generate power while a backup candlestick flare located on the landfill property combusts landfill gas when the generator is at capacity.

Project Sites: Denton, TX, USA

Annual GHG Emissions Reduction:
52,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide— equivalent per year over the next 10 years.

denton landfill gas project

Corinth Coal Mine Methane Facility

The Corinth Coal Mine Methane project consists of the installation and operation of methane capture system in an abandoned coal mine in rural Illinois. This system collects and destroys methane, a potent greenhouse gas that would have otherwise escaped into the atmosphere.

Project Sites: Franklin County, IL, USA

Annual GHG Emissions Reduction: 
Approximately 180,000 metric tons CO2e/year.

rsz corinth

China Muling Wind Farm

The Muling Wind Farm project site has abundant wind resources. Muling will install 70 wind turbines for a total output of 130,000 MWh.

Project Sites: Heilongjiang Province, China

Annual GHG Emissions Reduction:
approximately 133,068 metric tons CO2e/year. Verified according to the CDM ACM0002 methodology.

rsz new muling

China VCS Wind Farm

The Putian Shicheng Wind Farm Project involves the installation of 20 wind turbines with unit capacity of 2,000 kW each, and totals in installation capacity of 40MW. The project will help stimulate the growth of the wind power industry in China, improving air quality and creating local employment opportunities.

Project Sites: Fujian Province, China

Annual GHG Emissions Reduction:
104,794 mtCO2e

VERs will be verified using CDM ACM0002 methodology.

rsz putian

Australian Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Project

The Australian Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Project involves reforestation of degraded agricultural properties in the mid-west region of Western Australia. Spanning 32,457 acres, this project recreates a healthy, functioning landscape that preserves native animals and plants on the brink of extinction.

Project Sites: Mid-West Region of Western Australia

Annual GHG Emissions Reduction:
Over 100,000 tonnes of CO2e sequestered carbon

Gold Standard LUF; the first Australian project to be certified by The Gold Standard- internationally recognized premium quality carbon credits. Also 3rd party validated by the Rainforest Alliance.

rsz kangaroos

McKinney Landfill

Rather than settling for standard practice which allows gas to slowly release into the atmosphere, McKinney Landfill operates on a practice that reduces pollution, protects groundwater and turns a profit. Today, garbage at the landfill is slowly breaking down under a cover. A series of wells are drilled into the cover to release the gas in a piping system. The gas is then funneled to a generator and burned to make electricity. For every metric ton of carbon not released McKinney can sell one Carbon Offset.

Project Sites: Collin County, Texas

Annual GHG Emissions Reduction:
65,000 tons of CO2 each year

The Climate Action Reserve’s Landfill Project Protocol

rsz mckinney landfill