VOSS has adopted a holistic approach to bringing our products to market, while striving to protect the very resources from which our product flows.  Since 2007, we have taken a comprehensive look at our carbon footprint and evaluated every single detail of our products lifecycles – from the moment we source our water to the moment the bottle is recycled – in order to better understand our environmental impact on this world.

Using the globally accepted and non-profit created Carbon Trust Methodology, we have accounted for all GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions from all stages of our products lifecycles, as well as, all employee travel and business activities. We are dedicated in every step of our process to the idea of reducing the VOSS impact on the environment while still delivering the highest quality water available anywhere.

Our relationship with 3Degrees, a leading environmental advisory firm, our investment in three high-quality carbon offset projects in the U.S., China and Australia; and our continuous effort to reduce our environmental impact, puts us in a position to achieve our goal of being a carbon neutral company.


• Since 2007, 3Degrees has helped VOSS account for their greenhouse gas
footprint and procure high-quality carbon offsets that make a difference for our
planet. 3Degrees is motivated by the vision of a world where it is universally more
valuable to solve environmental problems than creating them.

3Degrees has won numerous awards, including:

• U.S. Department of Energy Green Power Supplier of the Year (2015, 2014, 2013
2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2005)
• National Best and Brightest Sustainable Company (2014)
• Environmental Finance’s Best REC Trading Company in North America (2015,
2011, 2010)

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VOSS is a proud participant and control member of Grønt Punkt Norge
AS (“Green Dot Norway plc”), a non-profit organization responsible for
financing the recovery and recycling of used packaging on behalf of
the Norwegian industrial sector. Read More.

VOSS offers its used PET, Plastic and Cardboard packaging to other
Green Point acknowledged recyclers and traders. All recyclables are
compressed in bales to optimize transport and minimize CO2 emission.
PET is recycled by a Eurcertplast certified company into new plastic
food packaging. All paper and cardboard are reused in the paper
industry. Click here to see our Grønt Punkt Norge certificate!


Our environmental responsibilities often feed into
special projects.

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Our environmental responsibilities often
feed into special projects.

Read more about our projects