Still (330ml/High Grade Plastic/12 Pack)
For The Ultimate Purist
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The VOSS source sits in Iveland, a sparsely populated area on the southern tip of Norway. Confined in an aquifer deep beneath the earth, VOSS water lies under layers of rock and sand, which create a natural filter, protecting it from the air and other pollutants.

At VOSS, we are proud of the quality of our products. VOSS Water from Norway meets all bottled water standards for quality and safety at the U.S. Federal, State, Norwegian and International levels. Our scientists and independent certified laboratories perform extensive tests on the water source and finished bottled water product to ensure we exceed or are compliant with all bottled water requirements.

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VOSS Reviews

  1. Worth every penny

    Great after taste you can really taste the difference from any other water company. This water is truly one of a kind and a must purchase it’s above and beyond my expectation of what water really tastes like and no nasty harsh after taste. Thank you for doing such an amazing job with this water

  2. There’s something about this water

    Contrary to popular belief, all water does not taste the same. There’s just something about this water, and it’s something AMAZING. The crisp, pure taste you get from this water is unlike any other water out there. It is 100% worth the cost, and after having it, I promise you will never go back to any other water. Try it, you’ll be thanking me for it. You’re welcome.

  3. Unique and fantastic

    Some people say that all water tastes the same, and VOSS proves this to be untrue. This water is very unique. The crisp, pure, clean flavor is unlike any other water I’ve ever had. I won’t lie, I was drawn to the sleek look of the bottle at first but was surprised to end up with the best water I’ve ever tasted. I was always dehydrated before, but now you can’t catch me without a few bottles of VOSS in my backpack.

  4. Soars above All the rest

    I had been Dr Pepper drinker for over 40 years, mainly because water did not taste good, always left a weird taste in my mouth…then I saw a VOSS bottle, and saw where it’s from. My Grandfather immigrated from Norway about 95 years ago. My Father, Uncles and my Aunt have all been back “Home” several times, and I would very much like to go there, Especially now…I’ve been drinking only VOSS water for almost a year, I’ve lost 60 lbs, enjoying life more with my Husband, and have had no bad or odd residue flavors from VOSS water, like some of the other, so called, ‘Purified’ waters, or even some of the other ‘spring or artesian’ well waters. I LOVE it, I can taste the difference of that Clean, Crisp flavor…It is So GOOD!!


    voss water is super good and it is different from any other water. i’ve tried a lot of waters like fiji smart water etc and voss is definetly my favorite. whenever i see it in a store I get it and it is different form any other water. if you ever get a chance to try it I suggest you do👍🏻

  6. This water is delicious

    -Shalina Ford
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VOSS Water

Still (330ml/High Grade Plastic/12 Pack)

Not Available Online
For The Ultimate Purist
Not Available Online
(6 customer reviews)

Ahh, so you’re one of those people that are always “on the go”. Well, we made this one just for you. All the charisma, elegance and purity of our classic VOSS, minus the weight so you can grab and go go go! Available in 330ml, 500ml and 850ml high-grade PET plastic bottles.


High Grade PET


12 Pack
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